Sunday, October 21, 2012

What I Want Now: Needlepoint/Tapestry

I was roaming around yesterday and found a really cute pair of needlepoint loafers at Forever 21.  Unfortunately, they did not have them in my size--only size 10 & 6...*sad face!*  The trend was made hott this season with Dolce & Gabbana's Fall 2012 collection (see below).  So, I started looking online for needlepoint things and found bags, dresses & shoes everywhere.  It almost makes me want to take up needlepoint as a hobby and make stuff myself (...if I had the time).  Anyways, below I have posted pictures of needlepoint/tapestry items to help get your search started.

Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2012 Runway

The Real Deal: Dolce & Gabbana; $995.00 --

Image 3 of H by Hudson Bolero Tapestry Slipper Shoes 

H by Hudson Bolero Tapestry Slipper Shoes; $175.90

 Baroque Print Tapestry Bodycon Dress

Baroque Print Tapestry Bodycon Dress; $72.00 --

Image 4 of Love Tapestry Floral Belted Skater Dress
Image 1 of Love Tapestry Floral Belted Skater Dress

Love Tapestry Floral Belted Skater Dress; $

Beautiful Tapestry design backstage at Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2012 runway. Click here.

If you find any cute needlepoint/tapestry items, let me know, & post it in the comments section, ok?...

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