Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gossip Girl Outfit Fun

I still really enjoy watching Gossip Girl and all the fun outfits the characters wear.  Blair and Serena are my favorite characters and not only do I like what they wear on set, but their off-set outfits are always super cute also.  I found the dress below at a boutique called Francesca's and it reminded me of what Blake Lively (Serena) wore off-set one day.  Cara, my hair dresser, told me about Francesca's boutique in the Castleton and Circle Center malls, and when I  walked into the boutique I fell in love--tons of unique, cool clothes at reasonable prices!  Luv it!!!  So, instead of pairing my dress with white like Blake, I decided to mix the dress with another one of Blake's outfits, a little cropped jacket.  See my "mixed" outfit and Blake's two outfits below.

(See below for my outfit details)

Blake Lively's Two Outfits

Blake Lively on the Set of Gossip Girl;  Image from

Blake Lively on the Set of Gossip Girl;  Image from

My Outfit
Francesca's Striped Dress
Liz Claiborne Vintage Jacket
Shell Earrings from the Bahama's
Bracelett was a gift
Nickels Nude Pumps

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cook Book "Try-Outs"

Border's book store is unfortunately going out of business, but it is having amazing sales.  I am always looking for fresh, simple, and healthy meals for dinner and lunch.  The first book, 200 Low Calorie Recipes by Hamlyn All Color delivers exactly that. Lite, easy, and full of veggies, I cannot wait to try out some of the recipes in this book.  Below are a few pictures of the recipes I cannot wait to try.  The second book is because I love the White House and am always fasinated by the decor, Jackie O, and the entertaining that goes on inside it.

Baked Eggplant with Tzatziki; From 200 Low Calorie Recipes by Hamlyn All Color
Chile & Melon Sorbet with Ham; From 200 Low Calorie Recipes by Hamlyn All Color

Vanilla Souffle A La White House (Nixon Admin); From Secrets from the White House Kitchens by John R. Hanny

Which one do  you think looks best?...I might make that one first.  :-)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Look I Love: Fuzzy Sweaters

These fuzzy sweater looks are so fun!  It's soft, and warm--perfect for fall and winter.  Pair yours with jeans like Kate Bosworth or with an of the moment pencil skirt.

 Givenchy Fall 2011; From
Kate Bosworth Shopping; From
Blake Lively;  Glamour July 2011
Tan Fuzzy Sweater; from Little Boy Susie Blog
Blue Fuzzy Sweater; From Metaphores Be With You

Don't you just love this look?!...

Friday, August 26, 2011

Indy Weekender: Indianapolis Indians Baseball

Friday and Saturday evening, September 2-3, the Indianapolis Indians will be playing their last seasonal game against the Louisville Bats.  So, if you're going to get tickets, now's the time to get them.  My boyfriend, a couple friends of ours and I went to an Indian's game last weekend.  It was so much fun--the Indians won!!! And, the night was the perfect temperature, while the cold beer was super refreshing.  I love baseball games in the summer....  *sigh* Oh ya, and there were fireworks afterwards.  Luv it!!! Here's their website:

 Have a wonderful weekend & good luck on your fantasy football draft(s) if you have one!   

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jalapeno Popper Recipe

Today I made jalapeno poppers straight from my garden.  They were crazy spicy!  So watch out when you eat these.  Below is the recipe and pictures.  Let me know if yours are less spicy...


6 jalapenos, halved, seeds and ribs removed
4oz. Velveeta cheese
1/2 a package light cream cheese
1/4 an onion, finely chopped
1/2c flour (white or whole wheat)
3 large egg whites
Cumin and smoked paprika to taste (optional)

Jalapeno Plant and Pickings

Place jalapeno's in water and boil (about 15 minutes) until a little wrinkly.  Then pour out water into a colander to catch the jalapeno's.  Place jalapeno's in Ziploc baggie and seal for about 10 minutes. Next...

Put Velveeta and cream cheese in a microwave safe bowl and heat in microwave  until warm (my old microwave = 30 seconds; your microwave probably about 10-15 seconds).  Mix together and add finely chopped onions.  After that...

Peel jalapeno's skin off (better for breading) then cut in half--the long way-- and take out all the seeds and ribs (this is important to reduce spiciness!!).  Then in one bowl whisk egg whites until a little frothy.  And, in a separate bowl mix flour, and cumin & smoked paprika (optional) or seasoning salt (optional).   Finally...

Fill each half with cheese (might need to warm the cheese mixture slightly for maneuverability).  Then put each half together, putting each "whole" jalapeno into the flour mixture for "safe cheese keeping" after every whole.  Then roll or toss flour (carefully) all over the jalapeno & throw (carefully) in egg mixture.  Then put back in flour, coat it with flour all over again, and then put into frying pan of vegtable oil and cook until golden (or bake in oven at 420 degrees for about 20 minutes--no oil involved, except non-stick cooking spray--for a healthier popper).

Let me know if you try this recipe and if if came out spicy or not, okay?...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fun Outfits On TV

I don't really watch TV too much, except for about two hours on Sunday night.  This weekend as I was watching, I realized that there are a ton of cute outfits everywhere on the shows.  So, I thought I'd take a few pictures for future outfit inspiration.  Here's a couple of them...and then a couple other decor ideas I liked too:

Sookie Stackhouse's red dress on HBO's True Blood--Love it! Don't you?!
Great Sophisticated Outfit;  Extra on HBO's Entourage
Casual Sexy; Extra on HBO's Entourage
Double Vision? No, but one's lighter than the other so you can see her leather boots better; Extra on HBO's Entourage.
Love both outfits; From HBO's Entourage. (They must really have an awesome stylist!)
Fun "Edgy" work outfit; Extra on HBO's Entourage.
Plaid will be big this fall.  Here's a cute outfit I loved on this extra.  Extra on HBO's Entourage.
Love this outfit, but wish they showed the front.  Look at the detail on the sleeve--beautiful!  Extra on HBO's Entourage.
Love the snake skin accessories & the sheath dress;  Ari's wife on HBO's Entourage.
Love the decor, her snake skin shoes, and everything about these pictures. From HBO's Entourage.

What's your favorite outfit?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Indy Weekender: Santorini Greek Kitchen

I don't know what it is, but I love greek food.  While my boyfriend will get cravings for Mexican food, I'll get cravings for greek food. Yum!  Just thinking about it makes me want some right now! haha  Santorini's is my favorite place to go in Indianapolis to feed my craving.  Located in Fountain Square, their wait staff is very attentive, and their food is amazing.  Below are some pictures I took from the last time I was there. Enjoy!

Great wait staff!
Wonderful warm bread and good!
Oh Yeah!  They have saganaki cheese!  Opa!
Imported Greek Wine & Beer
Visit Santorini's at:
Santorini Greek Kitchen
1417 Prospect Street
Indianapolis, IN 46203

Phone: (317) 917-1117

Monday-Thursday 11am-9pm
Friday 11am-10pm 
Saturday 11pm-10pm 
Sunday 12pm-8pm

Thursday, August 18, 2011

In Honor of Football

In honor of pre-season football starting I have decided to do a couple of "Lets Get Ready For Football" posts.  The 3 areas I eventually want to cover are: 1) How to watch and enjoy football (if you don't already), 2) Food/Tailgating, and 3) Inspirational ideas for football game tailgating outfits. So, with that, here is my first "lets get ready for football" post.

I.  How to Watch & Enjoy Football

Allure Magazine November 2009, pg 88.
American football only has 16 games in it's season and a maximum of 4 post-season games (aka. the playoffs and superbowl) which is why people are so passionate about each game.  It's because each single game means so much!  So, here's how you can get into the game also:

1.  Pick a Side:  Finding a connection to one of the teams playing makes you care about the game a little more.  Do this by watching the pregame interviews which will help you know the season dramas and the players personally (this is also a good way to scope out which team has the hotter players, which is my favorite way to pick a team to root for).  I am always surprised at how much "man drama" there is in football off the field.  It's like a soap opera only better--because it's real!  Another incentive to read up on the story lines is because there are some hot guys on ESPN! My favorite is "Around The Horn" on ESPN every weekday at 5pm with Tony Reali--SO Hott!haha Whatever you do though,  try not to pick a team based on their colors or their mascot; and if you do, do not tell anyone how you picked them! This will only get you made fun of. 

2.  Follow The Ball: Pretty self-explanatory.  Watch the ball because it makes the game way more exciting. It's like "where's Waldo" on a big green field.  Watch to see if your favorite player's got "Waldo" (aka. the ball).

3. Use Common Sense:  Football is pretty easy, you take the football and try to run it into the end-zone without getting hurt or going backwards.  When a player gets rough or grabs someone's helmet and it looks like there's a potential for injury, that's when you can yell "unnecessary roughness!" and the referee can make the team with the rough player go backwards--bad for them, good for us.

4.  Reporter's Outfits:  If nothing else, it's fun to see what the female reporters are wearing on the side-lines.  They always have the cutest outfits, are wearing some of the latest trends, and they're "guy approved."  My favorite person is Erin Andrews.  She looks so cute every game and, on top of that, she's really funny!  My usual statement to myself is, "let's see what's Erin is wearing today."  They don't usually show her whole outfit, so you have to keep watching to figure it out....ya, that's for the really boring games.

I hope this helps.  I tried to keep it short and sweet.  There's a lot of rules, but if you watch a game or two you will pick up on the basics.  It might be hard at first, but just keep staring at those tight white pants and you'll pick it up sooner than you would think.

Until tomorrow,


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Beauty Trend Fall 2011: Matching Makeup

"Matchy-matchy" might bring to mind visions of the overdone 80's; however, the matching makeup of this year's fall fashion shows like Mina Ricci, Ralph Lauren, and Marni were anything but overdone.  The eye-catching shades used twice on either lips & nails, lips & cheeks, or eyes & lips were harmonious and subtle. The trick to pulling this look off is to very opacities and play with different shades of color.The easiest way to thy this trend is matching lips & nails.  Here are my ideas for having fun with this trend:

Blue Eyes & Nails

 Ulta Blue Eyeshadow
Bonita Aqua Marine Nail Polish
Lancome Pink Poodle Skirt Lipstick

 The Sunset Look

In addition to "matching" makeup another big beauty trend inspired by the soft warm light at sun set.  This look takes the matching makeup look one step further. As seen at Rodarte, this look consists of a burnt-caramel palette for eyes, cheeks, lips, and nails.  

Sonia Kashuk Gold Caramel Nail Polish
Lancome Metallic Pose Eyeshadow
Lancome L'absolu Rouge Fleur Impressioniste Lipstick

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