Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Neighborhood Block Party!

Our neighborhood recently had a Block party.  The food was good and the conversation was great.  It's really wonderful getting to know your neighbors...even if you are renting.  They brought in hot dogs from Claus', a famous local German meat market on the south side of Indy, that had the freshest hot dog's I've tasted.  The sides and deserts were brought by neighbors potluck style.  And there, under the canopy of the big oak tree we ate and talked and drank until the sun set.  Here are some pictures from the event and of what I wore:

I wanted to wear something casual but nice.  I couldn't wear anything too trendy, so I went with classic with a bohemian twist.  Perfect for keeping cool and socializing with neighbors.


This Simple Life is Rich said...

Oh! You looked so cute! I see myself in one of your photos-making a terrible face-haha- but I love it! Great shots of the gathering and of what you wore, too!
Thanks for following!

Indy-babe said...

Thanks, Paula! You're awesome!

Sheer Girl said...

nice earings! nice blog ;)

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