Thursday, August 18, 2011

In Honor of Football

In honor of pre-season football starting I have decided to do a couple of "Lets Get Ready For Football" posts.  The 3 areas I eventually want to cover are: 1) How to watch and enjoy football (if you don't already), 2) Food/Tailgating, and 3) Inspirational ideas for football game tailgating outfits. So, with that, here is my first "lets get ready for football" post.

I.  How to Watch & Enjoy Football

Allure Magazine November 2009, pg 88.
American football only has 16 games in it's season and a maximum of 4 post-season games (aka. the playoffs and superbowl) which is why people are so passionate about each game.  It's because each single game means so much!  So, here's how you can get into the game also:

1.  Pick a Side:  Finding a connection to one of the teams playing makes you care about the game a little more.  Do this by watching the pregame interviews which will help you know the season dramas and the players personally (this is also a good way to scope out which team has the hotter players, which is my favorite way to pick a team to root for).  I am always surprised at how much "man drama" there is in football off the field.  It's like a soap opera only better--because it's real!  Another incentive to read up on the story lines is because there are some hot guys on ESPN! My favorite is "Around The Horn" on ESPN every weekday at 5pm with Tony Reali--SO Hott!haha Whatever you do though,  try not to pick a team based on their colors or their mascot; and if you do, do not tell anyone how you picked them! This will only get you made fun of. 

2.  Follow The Ball: Pretty self-explanatory.  Watch the ball because it makes the game way more exciting. It's like "where's Waldo" on a big green field.  Watch to see if your favorite player's got "Waldo" (aka. the ball).

3. Use Common Sense:  Football is pretty easy, you take the football and try to run it into the end-zone without getting hurt or going backwards.  When a player gets rough or grabs someone's helmet and it looks like there's a potential for injury, that's when you can yell "unnecessary roughness!" and the referee can make the team with the rough player go backwards--bad for them, good for us.

4.  Reporter's Outfits:  If nothing else, it's fun to see what the female reporters are wearing on the side-lines.  They always have the cutest outfits, are wearing some of the latest trends, and they're "guy approved."  My favorite person is Erin Andrews.  She looks so cute every game and, on top of that, she's really funny!  My usual statement to myself is, "let's see what's Erin is wearing today."  They don't usually show her whole outfit, so you have to keep watching to figure it out....ya, that's for the really boring games.

I hope this helps.  I tried to keep it short and sweet.  There's a lot of rules, but if you watch a game or two you will pick up on the basics.  It might be hard at first, but just keep staring at those tight white pants and you'll pick it up sooner than you would think.

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