Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jalapeno Popper Recipe

Today I made jalapeno poppers straight from my garden.  They were crazy spicy!  So watch out when you eat these.  Below is the recipe and pictures.  Let me know if yours are less spicy...


6 jalapenos, halved, seeds and ribs removed
4oz. Velveeta cheese
1/2 a package light cream cheese
1/4 an onion, finely chopped
1/2c flour (white or whole wheat)
3 large egg whites
Cumin and smoked paprika to taste (optional)

Jalapeno Plant and Pickings

Place jalapeno's in water and boil (about 15 minutes) until a little wrinkly.  Then pour out water into a colander to catch the jalapeno's.  Place jalapeno's in Ziploc baggie and seal for about 10 minutes. Next...

Put Velveeta and cream cheese in a microwave safe bowl and heat in microwave  until warm (my old microwave = 30 seconds; your microwave probably about 10-15 seconds).  Mix together and add finely chopped onions.  After that...

Peel jalapeno's skin off (better for breading) then cut in half--the long way-- and take out all the seeds and ribs (this is important to reduce spiciness!!).  Then in one bowl whisk egg whites until a little frothy.  And, in a separate bowl mix flour, and cumin & smoked paprika (optional) or seasoning salt (optional).   Finally...

Fill each half with cheese (might need to warm the cheese mixture slightly for maneuverability).  Then put each half together, putting each "whole" jalapeno into the flour mixture for "safe cheese keeping" after every whole.  Then roll or toss flour (carefully) all over the jalapeno & throw (carefully) in egg mixture.  Then put back in flour, coat it with flour all over again, and then put into frying pan of vegtable oil and cook until golden (or bake in oven at 420 degrees for about 20 minutes--no oil involved, except non-stick cooking spray--for a healthier popper).

Let me know if you try this recipe and if if came out spicy or not, okay?...

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