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Indy Weekender: Big Ten Football Championship

This weekend Michigan State University is playing Wisconsin in the first Big Ten Football Championship game.  And, what better place to host this monumental game than at the Amateur Sports Capitol of the World, Indianapolis!  Even though the Game at Lucas Oil Stadium and tailgating at the Indianapolis Convention Center will be the main events, the rest of the time you might want to tour the city, grab a bite to eat and drink, or find some other way to relax.  This blog post will help you do just that.  With all the places the locals know about and like to go, and recommendations on what to get, as well as places you should see in Indy, this post will have you covered. Ps. Click on the links above for directions to each place and information on Indianapolis' history.

Places To See

1.)  Sun King Brewery (Friday 4-7pm).
Sun King Pic's (left to right): Sun King Brewing Machines & Kegs, Sun King Beer Sample Table, Beer Samples, Inside the Hot-Spot, Outside of Sun King Brewery.
Info:  Sun King Brewery is a fun place to sample Indy beer.  Loaded with Indy's professionals, this hangout hot-spot gives 5-6 free beer samples, and sells growlers & fills them up cheep.  However, it does not serve food or drinks (only samples) so just count on hanging out, and drinking great Indy beer for an hour or two.  Parking is free in the parking lot out front and it's free to get in with your ID. For more information and pictures, check out my post on Sun King Brewery here.

       Address: 135 N. College, Indianapolis, IN 46202
       Phone: 317.602.3702 

2.)  The Canal/Creation Cafe.
Canal Pic's:  Indianapolis Skyline, Creation Cafe Beer Float, Creation Cafe on the Canal, Quesadilla's at the Creation Cafe on the Canal.
Info:  The canal is a beautiful place to go and walk around. Near museums and with great views of the Indianapolis Skyline, this is a great place to work off all the pork tenderloin.  There are a couple of cafes on the canal.  My favorite is the Creation Cafe at the very North end.  Its appetizers are so tasty and the drinks are fun (like the Raspberry Celis, vanilla gelato beer float pictured above). For more information, view my blog post on the Canal Here.

Canal website: 

Creation Cafe's website
     Address:  337 West 11th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202
     Phone: 317.955.2389 

3.)  Soldiers & Sailors Monument/Monument Circle.
"The Circle" Pic's:  Au Bon Pain (to the left of South Bend Chocolate Company), The Soldiers and Sailors Monument & Chase Tower, Indiana's Capitol Building From the Circle.
Info:  Built between 1887 and 1902, this limestone monument has come to symbolize the city of Indianapolis and the state of Indiana.  The view from the top and the architecture of the buildings perfectly circling the monument is my favorite part of visiting the monument.  To get 360 degree views of the city, walk up the stairs on the south side of the monument and in through the narrow door.  There is no fee to get in, but donations are "suggested."  Open Wed - Sun 9am-5pm.
      Address:  1 Monument Circle, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

More On The Circle:
4.)  After you visit to Soldiers and Sailors monument, you will see South Bend Chocolate Company's Chocolate Cafe on the Southwest side of the Circle, who makes wonderful seasonal chocolates, coffee, and hot chocolate.  Click here for South Bend Chocolate's website.

5.)  The Columbia Club on the Northeast side is an exclusive club where celebrities stay when in Indy. Established in 1889 use to be Indianapolis' old Republican Club started to help Pres. Benjamin Harrison's political campaign.  No longer the "Republican Club" you can stay in one of its 99 guest rooms and grab a swanky meal while staying there.  Click here for Columbia Club's website

Places To Watch The Game (Eat, Drink & Be Merry)

1.)  Kilroy's Bar N' Grill.
Kilroy's Bar N' Grill (left to right): Kilroy's Front Entrance (from, Panorama inside Kilroy's with Tons of TV's and Long-Island Chalkboard, Cheesy Tater-tot Appetizer...yum!
Info:  Kilroy's is a great place to watch sports with great food and is within walking distance (about 5-6 blocks) from the stadium.  Whether you go Friday night or Saturday for the game (if you don't have tickets) you will not miss a minute of the action with large flat screen TV's loaded in every direction (See "Panorama" picture above).  Kilroy's is known for its Stuffed Breadsticks (hot, delicious, cheese and pepperoni rolls) and its Long Island mini-pitchers with dozen's listed on a huge chalkboard on the wall.  Indianapolis is also known for their pork tenderloin, so the breaded tenderloin sandwich is a great pick, also.  Although, I don't think you could go wrong with any of the food there. For more information, go to Kilroy's website at

     Address:  201 S. Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN 46225
     Phone: 317.638.9464

2.)  The Slippery Noodle.
Slippery Noodle Pic's: Slippery Noodle Building(, Pork Tenderloin (, One of the Many Rooms Inside, Slippery Noodle's Proximity to Lucas Oil Stadium (
Info:  Located almost across from Lucas Oil Stadium, this bar has history and not just from its ties with football!  Established in 1850, the Slippery Noodle is Indiana's oldest bar.  I haven't eatten there, so I can't really recommend anything, but since your in Indianapolis, known for the pork tenderloin, you might as well order that.

     Address: 372 South Meridian Street  Indianapolis, IN 46225
     Phone: 317.631.6974

3.)  Scotty's Brewhouse (Downtown Indianapolis Location).
Scotty's Brewhouse Pic's (left to right):  Buffalo Chicken Wrap with Waffle Fries (; Front Patio (; Scotty's Illustrated Menu (
Info:  Scotty's has a lot of TV's--there are even TV's in the bathrooms! Crazy, huh?!  For food, the Wings are good & my favorite menu item is the Buffalo Chicken Wrap.   For more information go to Scotty's website at

     Address:  1 Virginia Ave., Indianapolis, Indiana 46204 (1 block North of Conseco Fieldhouse)
     Phone:  317.571.0808

Breakfast & Coffee

1.)  Hoaglin To Go Cafe & Marketplace.
Info:  This is a fun place to have breakfast.  The food is beautiful & usually in large potions, and the atmosphere is modern.  I usually get the Deep Dish Quiche and the men in my family get the Omelet with the potatoes (which are piled high!).

      Address:  448 Massachusetts Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46204
      Phone: 317.423.0300

2.)  Cafe Patachou (Downtown at Capitol and Washington Location).
Cafe Patachou Omelete, from
Info:  This is another great place for breakfast.  I haven't eaten here, but all my local friends are raving about it.  They tell me that not only is he food good, but the coffee is super smooth. There are a couple of locations, but the one downtown is right next to the capitol building.  For a better review and more pictures Click Here.

     Address: 225 W. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46204
     Phone: 317.632.0765

Hope this helps & hope you have a wonderful time in Indianapolis!  GO GREEN!!!


Anonymous said...

Great job on the this post hun, it would def help anyone from out of town find something to do! John

Indy-babe said...

Thank you! I know it's so hard finding good places to go when you don't know a city. I'm glad you find this post helpful! Thanks for the comment! :D

Heather said...

This post just makes me want to go back to Indy and get some good food! Hope everything is going well!

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