Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bar Exam--Done!!!

Ugh!  I just took the Indiana Bar Exam & I am worn out!  I took it at the Indy Convention Center. It is a 2 day exam: the first day is 7 hours of writing, and the second day is 6 hours of multiple choice.  Talk about Exhausting!!!  It's pretty much a top secret ordeal and electronics of any kind are not allowed in the testing facility.  But, here are some pictures of the other parts of my day, the room (taken a couple weeks before), and pictures from after the exam finished--all outside the testing facility:

Testing Room; about 600 applicants sit here to take the exam.
The beautiful view from where I ate lunch (day 1)
Studying during lunch: Study materials & a little lunch-pale (day 1).

  Lunch View From The Opposite Side (Day 1)
Indiana Convention Center Exterior (Day 2)
Seating With A View
Coat Check-In (Day 2 end)
Agenda, Day 2

 How do you like the pictures?  Do you know anyone who "survived"? hahaha

1 comment:

Heather said...

I hope the bar went well! That test sounds so bad.

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