Monday, July 25, 2011

Recipe: Broccoli Co-slaw

I know veggies are important, so, I try to find new & fun ways to get more into my diet.  I love the broccoli co-slaw at my local grocer's deli, but it's so expensive. So, here is a delicious recipe I created to fix my cravings on a much cheaper budget:

Broccoli Co-Slaw Consistency

1 head broccoli (chopped into little pieces) (you can use the stalk hearts, too, if you like)
1 red onion (chopped)
1/4c peanuts
1/4c raisins
2T fat free plain yogurt
2T light mayo
Juice from 1/4 of a lemon (Strained)
1-2T honey
3 slices bacon (crumbled)
Salt & pepper to taste

Throw all ingredients into a bowl and stir until everything is well incorperated. Serve as a side or eat for a snack.  Serves about 4....or 2 hungry bloggers.


Heather said...

I think I might have to try this (sans bacon :)

Indy-babe said...

Awesome! Ya, it's really good.

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