Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween Costume Ideas

Since we are having a Halloween Party, I have had a ton of people ask me for Halloween costume ideas.  So, below are some great and unique ideas.  Hope this gets your creative juices flowing....

"Gleeks" (aka - a Glee Club Geek).  Picture from
Hooters Girl: Orange shorts, white tennis shoes & socks, and a Hooters shirt.  From
The Weird Guy on the History Channel's Ancient Aliens: A suit, self tanner, tons of hair spray, hold some kind of aliens book & your set.
Captain Morgan: Classic Hot Man with red coat, pirates hat & sword. Then just to your leg up and you've got the look.
Charlie Sheen Roast: Suit, Red Tie & an empty bottle of alcohol.
Dallas Cowboys NFL Cheerleader: White shorts, blue shirt, little white vest with stars & some pom poms.
Gypsy: Tons of scarves, hoop earrings, and a tambourine. From
Prince Harry & Kate Middleton (Great Couples Idea:): Wedding dress should be easy to find at Goodwill & Harry's black pants can have a red piece of material sewn or glued to the side with a red goodwill blazer & a plastic blue homemade sash.
Jersey Shore Cast: Snookie or The Situation would be the most recognizable costumes. From
Katy Perry on SNL making fun of her Sesame Street cleavage blooper.
The usual bumble bee, dirty girl scout, strawberry shortcake costumes.  Find more on
Tom Cruise in Risky Business: good for girls & dudes.
Thor or any of the background characters in this poster.
Any Character on HBO's True Blood.
Walk-of-Shame Girl: Put on your boyfriend's shirt, carry your purse, tousle your hair & maybe even add some white gum on the back of the shirt for extra raunchiness. From
Troll Doll(one of my past Halloween costumes): Nude Clothing, jewel taped to my belly, & my hair tied up around a birthday cone hat.  My friends went as (Left to Right): A Witch, a Referee, that one rocker dude who's name I can never remember, and at the end Pebbles from the Flintstones.
Alice In Wonderland.  My friends went as a Playboy Bunny and the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland.
Roller Girl from Boogie Nights was my costume in this picture...the roller-skates weren't a very good idea, though! haha My friends went as a jail convict/prisoner, a cowboy, and a soccer player.

Other ideas:
  • Rappers: Pregnant Beyonce & Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Eminem, Vanilla Ice, McHammer, etc.
  • Period Themes: Flapper Girl, Hippie, Hula Girl, 80's & Madona, 90's grunge, Futuristic, Victorian, Greek Toga's, etc..
  • Movies: Wayne's World, Cone Heads, Green Lantern & other Marvel Comics, Harry Potter & Crew, Twilight, Silver Screen Movie Star, etc...
  • Ice Queen: Wear white or light blue. Buy icicle decorations (like the kind for Christmas decorations) and drape them all over your body. Wear a silver crown or tiara.
  • Cheating Husband: Men can wear a button down shirt that is buttoned all wrong, pants slightly unzipped, shoes untied or on wrong feet, lipstick kisses on collar, shirt, neck or even on pants and hair messed up. Tell people you didn't dress in costume, you forgot about the party and just dropped what you were doing to come over.
  • Cupid: Best for large guys, but funny for anyone. Wear a diaper or toga, wings, and buy one of those cheap bow and arrows with the suction cups. Attach paper hearts to the suction cup end. Wear a ribbon sash that says "Cupid".
  • Red Riding in the Hood: Buy or make a red cape with hood. Have tattoos on your arms, a spiked collar, lots of piercing, etc. and talk tough all night long.
  • Perfume Sales Girl: Dress in really nice clothes and lots of makeup. Carry tons of perfume samples and squirt people all night long.
  • Stood-Up Prom Date: Great for women but really funny for men who want to dress as a woman. Wear a prom dress, heels and make-up. Smudge eye-make up so it looks like you have been crying. Carry a box of tissues and have several tissues tucked into your waist sash, sticking out of your bodice, or anywhere you can stash one. 

    Let me know if you think of anything else, ok?


Indy-babe said...

Another idea is Zombies--either from the Walking Dead tv series on AMC or World War Z by Max Brooks or any other zombie movie you can think of.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this blog/site is awesome.

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