Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How To's: Closet Clean-Up

I am so excited that it is going to be at least 80 degrees (Fahrenheit) all week! And, even though I packed up all my summer clothes and hung-up my chunky winter knits in my closet, I am definitely not complaining.  A couple of people have asked me for advise on how I organize my closet and change out my seasonal clothes, so this post is all about "Closet Clean-Up's."

Nicky Hilton in her closet.  Picture from http://girlmeetsglamour.blogspot.com/2008/03/closet-envy.html
  A well maintained closet is therapeutic: not only does it help preserve your clothes, but it also makes getting dressed in the morning so much more pleasant. ~ Melanie Charlton Fascitelli, President of Clos-ette, Allure Magazine January 2011.


1. Analyze Your Closet:  Take about 30 minutes to write down what you think isn't working.  Do you need more shelving/hanging space? Then shop for a storage solution that will work for you.
Picture From People Stylewatch magazine, September 2011

2. Sort: Pull out ever item and decide whether it will stay or go.  Start by taking an overall inventory and editing.  Weed out the things that you haven’t been wearing for awhile.  Ask, “would I buy this now?” or “would I wear this now?”  If you can’t afford a stylist to help you with your items, have a friend come over with a glass of wine and have them go through your closet with you.  If you’re someone who doesn’t get rid of stuff easily, you’ll definitely need the extra help deciding.

Clean all out of season clothes and store in a hanging garment bag or storage box.  Sell or give to the Goodwill your remaining items.  TIP: In season garments sell better at consignment shops (ex: Fall clothes sell better in the Fall so consignment shops will buy those items more readily).
My Stored Winter Clothes; Summer Clothes and Shoes Go in Storage Boxes... :-(
3.  Organize:  Take inventory of what you need to fill the gaps in  your wardrobe: Do you need any key staples? What fashion trends will update your basics?

Then organize clothes.  Are you an "outfits" or separates type person?  Organize your closet accordingly.  If you are a separates type of person, organize your closet by category (work, dressy, casual,etc) or like I do with my closet, by color and from light to heavy in each color.

Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon's closet.  Picture from browngirlgumbo.blogspot.com

4. Visuals: Getting ready in the morning is so much easier when you can see your options.

Shoes:  Keep shoes in a place where you can see each pair.  I am not a fan of shoe boxes with pictures on them.  If space is limited, put them on the floor of the closet. Also, try to make sure your clothes do not touch your shoes. For boots, put boot trees in them so they don't fold over.

Clothes:  If you like to hang your clothes, try to make sure all the hangers are the same.  This makes everything easier to see.  I usually hang everything of mine.  The exceptions are sweaters because I do not want them to stretch out, beaded items because the weight of the beads on the delicate fabric can ruin the garment, and jeans which I fold once at the knees and place on a shelf. Pants should be hung by the cuff (aka- the foot end) with padded clips to avoid damaging the fabric.

Bags:  Can be stacked on a shelf (see picture below) or even better, hung on hooks so they are easier to see.

Great example of how to place shoes, sweaters and bags in your closet.  Picture from casuallydefined.blogspot.com.

Follow these simple tricks and you will have a beautiful closet and a more pleasant time getting ready in the morning.  
More examples of well organized closets.  Picture from http://theafternoonfrock.blogspot.com/2011/01/celebrity-closet-inspirations-new-year.html
Until tomorrow!  Ciao! :-)

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