Monday, September 26, 2011

Fun Outfits On TV: Pan Am

It all started on a recent flight to the Dominican Republic.  The flight attendants were rolling their carts down the aisle offering drinks.  When they got to me, I unlocked my trey from the seat back in front of me and it flew down quickly so that the attendant could put my drink down on it in time.  And, there it was, miles off the ground and right above my lap--an advertisement with the most perfect flight attendants I have ever seen.  Pan-Am, Sunday night at 10pm (eastern time), on ABC.  It was the best advertising I have ever seen!  Last night was the season premier.  I loved how they travel all over the world, meet new people, do fun things, they're smart (because they needed to be at least bi-lingual) and look cute while doing it.  There's even a bit of James Bond/CIA/FBI/MI-6 thrown in.  Oh yes, I am definitely hooked!

Even the extras in the background have great outfits on!
The Girls: The Parisian, The American Beauty, The Detective, and The Sassy/Fashionable one.
They travel all over the world & stay in great hotels with great interior design.
This is a preview of next week: great vacation places & cute swim suits.

Did you watch this show this weekend?

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