Friday, September 16, 2011

Indy Weekender: Big Daddy's Bar & Grill

Unfortunately, I am really sick so I haven't had the time or ability to go any where.  :-(  However, if you're looking for the best place to watch a Indianapolis Colt's Football game, go to Big Daddy's Bar & Grill.  It is seriously AWESOME!  It is the "go to" spot because the DJ makes you feel like you're right at the game with fun music, Colt's chants, and lots of tv's.  There's games to play and lots of people to meet.  It is so much fun! Oh, and their food is great, too.  The pot roast nachos, and pizza are my favorites. Below are some pictures I found on the internet and the directions, here.

Big Daddy's delicous foos from
A fuzzy picture of inside Big Daddy's from
Big Daddy's Entrance from Google Earth maps street view.
Big Daddy's Logo from Google
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