Thursday, September 1, 2011

Michigan Drive

Today I drove home to Michigan for Labor Day weekend.  Even though it takes a while, everything is so beautiful and scenic.  I pass a bunch of neat places like the Nestle factory; the Vera Bradley factory; James Dean and Garfield the cartoon cat's hometown in Fairmount, Indiana; and the outlet mall just before the Michigan border equipped with a Coach store (dangerous!).  Unfortunately, I just wanted to get home so I did not stop and get any pictures of those places; but I did take a couple pictures of the beautiful rural scenery where the corn fields were in full bloom, and of a cute little farm amidst the rolling Indiana hills.  In addition to my scenery pictures, I also have a few pictures sent to me by my family members of some of my favorite things back home.

Concord grapes from our backyard.  I never thought that artificial grape taste was real until I tasted a real Concord grape from our home.  I look forward to making grape jelly.  Yum!
Our neighborhood pool.  I love swimming outside in the summer.
This is the place where my Dad's side of the family hangs out every Sunday.  So many good times...
The hummer strip on the side of the highway.  I love how the grass fades from one color to the next.
Fields of corn in full bloom & ready for harvest on the drive home.
A cute little farm caught out of the side of my window.  It is one of my favorites to look at on the ride.
A kitty buffet!  I know it is kind-of gross--ok, really gross--but I love that little fat cat!  If only dad would let me put her on a diet!

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